I'm Sébastien Viallemonteil, coding connoisseur residing in the charming green pastures of France.

Picture this: it all started when I was a bright-eyed 10-year-old, entranced by the enigma of computers. Little did I know that my fascination would grow into a full-blown passion for programming. High school was the stage where the curtains lifted on my love for coding. I'd always been a puzzle enthusiast, and programming turned out to be the grand puzzle-solving adventure I'd been searching for.

I'm the all-around web warrior, dealing with both the frontlines and the backend trenches. See, back in the day, there was no clear division between the "front" and the "back," so I embraced it all. Nowadays, I whip up magic with Laravel on the backend and add a sprinkle of VueJs for frontend flair. You can find out more about my skill set and experiences here. Oh, and I'm not just a code-slinger; I moonlight as a web mentor, equipping the next generation of digital dreamers with HTML, CSS, and the basics of PHP. It's like being a web-wizard guiding young Padawans into the Jedi order of web development.

While I won't claim the crown of coding royalty, my days are a symphony of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learning is my lifelong melody, and I'm forever dancing to the rhythm of new tech trends.

Beyond the screen, I'm not just a web-wizard; I'm a rackets magician, having played badminton for a decade. I also love to hit the trails for some hiking adventures, explore the magic of tv shows, get lost in the tales of books, and whip up culinary concoctions in the kitchen. It's like a balanced feast for the body and the mind.

As for this little piece of the web, it's been a long-overdue dream, and I finally decided to stop "codetastinating." Here, I plan to share my insights, adventures, and discoveries in the world of web development and life's delightful detours. And a very special thanks to Flavio Copes, without whom I wouldn't have finally found the courage to start all of this.

Thanks for dropping by, and let's embark on this journey where code meets creativity, and life is a continuous loop of exploration.