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Full stack web developer and instructor.

I am Sébastien, a full stack web developer for more than ten years. Even after more than a decade, I am always learning and passing down my knowledge to bachelor graduates. Also I live in France, so… pardon my French.
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2 minutes

Unveiling the Magic of Tables - Where Data Dances! 🎭

In this chapter, we embark on a quest to master the mystical <table> tag, where data takes center stage, pirouettes in rows and columns, and dazzles the audience with its organized performance. Join the spectacle as we explore the art of crafting simple tables, intricate ones with captions, and witness the fusion of cells in the grand dance of HTML tables!

3 minutes

The CSS Background Properties: Where Magic Meets Design!

Today, we’re about to dive into one of the most enchanting aspects of web design: the CSS background properties. Think of these as the backdrop of your digital theater, the canvas where your content takes center stage. With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of CSS magic, you can turn your web pages into visual marvels!

3 minutes

Padding: The Soft Cushion of CSS Comfort

Padding is like the fluffy pillow in the world of web design. It’s that magic touch that keeps your content cozy and comfortable inside its container. In this whimsical adventure through the CSS universe, we’re going to explore the delightful and essential property known as padding.

3 minutes

Margins in CSS: The Breathing Space for Web Elements

We’re about to dive into a space where web elements can catch their breath and stretch their legs. It’s the world of margins in CSS, where we give elements room to breathe and stand out like rock stars at a concert. Are you ready for the backstage pass to the margin property?

3 minutes

Border Property: The Web’s Stylish Perimeter

We’re diving into the fantastic world of the border property. Think of it as the stylish perimeter of your web elements, the fence that separates content and adds flair to your web pages. In this adventure, we’ll uncover the secrets of the border property and learn how to wield it like a pro.

3 minutes

Fonts: Dress Your Text

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of fonts in CSS. Think of fonts as the clothes your text wears – they define the style and personality of your content. We’re going to explore the font properties that help you dress up your text in fun and exciting ways.


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